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Special screenings: CUNY, Staten Island

“Menstrual… what the hell?”

One of the joys of being a filmmaker is sharing your work with people who know nothing about the film they’re about to see. Of course, such instances are hard to come by. Audiences almost always choose what they watch, and we read, hear, discuss in depth before making that conscientious choice. Even those stuck in airplanes without their iPads or some such, while having no say in matters of legroom and “cuisine”, have gained some control over the entertainment thanks to inflight video-on-demand.

And so, “Menstrual… what the hell?” I heard a student ask out loud. Her peers shrugged in reply. Apparently, more than a few present weren’t quite sure what to make of the title slide on screen.

Soon Vandana Chaudhry would introduce me to her Macro/Community Social Work Practice class. When she asked me to say a few words about “Menstrual Man”, I opted for a polite “hello” before hitting “play”. I had a rare opportunity. With neither preamble nor prelude, the film would rely solely on its merits to go down well with the audience — or prove to be a stinker.

It went well. At least I think it did. Students in both screenings seemed to enjoy the film. They certainly engaged me during the Q&As. And, as far as I know, no one has dropped the course since.



Menstrual Man screened for the Macro/Community Social Work Practice classes at CUNY, Staten Island on Monday, April 22nd 2013.