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Menstrual Man tops Elysium, but Oprah always wins

We got great coverage in The Straits Times yesterday in conjunction with the start of our Singapore run. Both the article and the review were extremely generous.

Highlights from conversations that ensued:


Menstrual Man ST1

“You think they intentionally placed the ‘Menstrual Man’ blurb next to ‘Toilet Humour’?”

“Now you can actually say you finished on top Elysium.”

“Wow, Matt Damon really worked out for the role, huh?”
(Not a highlight, but certainly a recurring theme.)


Menstrual Man ST2

“Why did the writer mention you’re single?”
(From my girlfriend. It’s incredible how she focused on just one word among a possible thousand. Even more incredible? She’s based in India and she was reading the article off a pic I took with my phone.)

Me: “We got more column inches than the new Oprah film.”
Co-producer: “Yeah so? Who do you think is going to make more money?”