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Muruganantham reacts to his TED video

Muruganantham checks out the responses to his TED talk

I was lucky enough to be with Muruganantham when his TED talk was posted online. He was in Singapore to address students at SMU, and we used the opportunity to catch up with each other.

Highlight of the weekend? Taking Muru shopping to buy gifts for his wife and daughter.

A close second came hours before we left for the airport. He was clearing some emails when I asked him to check the TED site. I wanted him to know how much people were loving his talk.

“Over 100,000 views in 3 days!” Muru exclaimed.

“Yes. Your talk is a hit. They love you.”

“That’s not the issue,” he replied. He’s pointed out quite a few these non-issues to me over this past year. “I can speak for the rest of my life and still I wouldn’t reach such a large audience directly. This way, maybe more people will be inspired to do something for society.”

“Over 100,000 views in 3 days!”