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We made IDFA’s Audience Top 10!

I’m honoured to share that “Menstrual Man” was voted 6th among audience favourites at IDFA 2013. (Here’s a link to the Top 50.)

To commemorate the occasion, I came up with a list of my own. I know, how industrious of me! Anyway, here then, are my Top 6 favourite memories from the recent Amsterdam trip:


1. The IDFA audience
No, really, I was saying it long before the poll results! IDFA wouldn’t be one of the premier film festivals in the world without its engaged and curious documentary-loving audience.

Sold out screening at Tuschinski

Doc-loving audiences: A sold out “Menstrual Man” screening at Tuschinski


2. The screening venues
Pathe Tuschinski is an old favourite of mine, but the EYE Filmmuseum is simply all-guns-blazing impressive.

The EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

An alien civilization must have left The EYE Filmmuseum there


3. Doing a pop-up screening in a stranger’s home
After she caught the film at an official IDFA screening, cinephile Annechien asked if there was a way to screen the film in her home. Her husband, Guy, is a filmmaker and they use his editing suite to host weekly screenings for friends. I told her I’d do it on one condition: they’d have to help me raise money for Pardada Pardadi, our current giving-back beneficiary. And so, on my last night in Amsterdam, I shared the film in their home and raised 215 euros from Annechien and her friends. (More updates when we send the money to them, but here’s a similar screening we did in Singapore earlier.)

Pop-up screening in Amsterdam

The screening room in Annechien’s home. Note Jack watching our film!


4. Watching a Champions League game at the Amsterdam Arena
Yeah, Barca lost. But losing to Ajax is somewhat acceptable to Barca fans because we owe much of our football philosophy to them. Besides, we had already qualified for the knockout stage.

Friends in nice places: My guest ticket to the game, courtesy of a pal who's a football agent.

Friends in nice places: My guest ticket to the game, courtesy of a pal who’s a football agent.


5. Being able to walk to everywhere I needed to be
I’ll choose urban walking over treks in nature reserves any day. And Amsterdam was ideal for everything from a lazy stroll to brisk walks to distributor meetings. Much-needed exercise aside — damn you, struttwaffles! — I was rewarded with curious sights along the way.

Help is where you find it?

Help is where you find it?


6. All that fudge!
Rum ‘n’ raisin flavoured. Cappucino. Chocolate. And I ate them all, waistline be damned! What I couldn’t finish, I brought back with me… only to have them confiscated by my evil co-producer.

Daily recommneded allowance? Who cares!

Daily recommneded allowance? Who cares!


Bonus: Seeing a foreign city with my girlfriend
Figured I’d throw that in before I got into any trouble. But it’s true. Her being there made all of the above even more memorable.