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How to support the cause

We’ve often been asked how one can donate to Muru’s cause.¬†Truth is, the Menstrual Man team plans to raise money for one of the organisations featured in the film. We’re just holding back on the announcement until we do our due diligence, figure out how to ensure accountability, etc.

But you don’t have to wait. Here are some tips for those of you who want to help:

1. Don’t send Muru money. He’d rather you didn’t.
Every time he’s in the news, people offer to send in money. It’s heartening, but also problematic because a) it creates tax-related headaches for him and b) he’d lose valuable time ensuring accountability, time which would be better spent doing what he does best: marketing and installing machines in far-flung corners of India.

2. Instead, give to an organisation that wants to buy his machines
NGOs. Women’s self-help groups. Schools. There are many orgs that want to produce and market pads to women in their community. And not just in India either! Muru gets enquiries from as far as Latin America, and Africa even.

What’s most important is to avoid the bad apples who use charity as a means to line their own pockets. And there are many.

Get referrals from people you trust.¬†Or contact Muru even. He would have a good idea of people who’re interested in his machine but still short of funding.

(We will post a list of some relevant organisations soon as our info is updated. Again, this may take a while. Sorry!)

2a. Work backwards
Identify a community that would benefit from having easy access to low-cost sanitary pads. Next find an organisation who’d be willing to bring one of Muru’s machines in… with a little financial help from you and your friends.

3. Or give to any organisation that’s improving lives
Guess what? You don’t have to be aligned to the menstrual hygiene cause. If there’s one take-away from Muru’s story (and hopefully our film), it’s this: Every community has problems that can be solved with the right mix of will, invention, and balls. Give to a social entrepreneur who needs a little helping hand. Or to an organisation that’s having success in tackling a social problem. Any problem. The point is to improve lives.

Here’s one for your consideration: Pardada Pardadi. They’re featured in the film. I have witnessed first-hand the amazing results they’ve achieved, so I have no problems vouching for them.

Thanks for asking. And here’s to making a difference.