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European premiere and screenings in Amsterdam

Menstrual Man European premiere at IDFA 2013

I was elated to see the IDFA screening schedule late last night. I’d be able to see “I Am Cuba” on the big screen!

And then came the crash that almost always follows my excitement. There are only two screenings scheduled. One happens after I leave town, and the other… during one of my own Q&As!

Anyway, here’s the list of our upcoming festival screenings in Amsterdam:

21/11  22:30  Tuschinski 2*
22/11  15:15  EYE Cinema 2*
25/11  18:30  Munt 13*
26/11  14:00  Munt 13*
27/11  17:45  Tuschinski 6*
28/11  19:30  Podium
29/11  11:30  Brakke Grond Rode Zaal

* I’ll be doing a post-screening Q&A.