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Charity screening sums

Charity screening ticket

Admits one rockstar

I can’t seem to say it enough, so I’ll say it again: we have awesome pals, who have awesome pals, who have awesome… Thanks to their generosity, we raised $4,141.68 from our private charity screening on Aug 6th.

Here’s the itemised breakdown:

Online ticket sales (less PayPal fees) $   935.98
Cash ticket sales $1,480.00
Donations $2,626.45
Sub-total $5,042.43
GV cinema rental -$ 850.75
BluRay player rental -$   50.00
TOTAL RAISED $4,141.68


We’ll send the money to MPEVDS soon as we collect one last donor cheque. (More on why we’re doing it here. Proof that we do in future posts.)

Meanwhile, here’s the complete donor list:

Estella Lau $500.00
Chai Ng $200.00
Thomas & Yasmin $200.00
Ying Sia & friends $200.00
David Liem $100.00
Mr & Mrs Matthew Ing $100.00
Muru $100.00
Catherine Olsen $50.00
Linda Cai $50.00
Sharon Lim $50.00
Linda Gras $20.00
Joyce Yeo $10.00
Anonymous (28 donors) $1,046.45
TOTAL $2,626.45


There you go. That’s how WE DID IT. With old friends and new.

Eunice Olsen & Keagan Kang at the screening

Pals Eunice Olsen & Keagan Kang tower over our kiddie poster

Beauties & the beast

Beauties & the beast


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