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Best feedback ever?

Amsterdam resident Annechien B. caught one of our IDFA screenings. She emailed me recently with a remarkable story. I find it hard to pinpoint why I was so moved by her note, but I was. Oh how I was. Here it is (with her permission, of course):

Hello Amit,

I really had to think about you and your movie. This morning our daughter Lotje, who turned 13 ¬†two weeks ago, had her very first period. She had some tears as it is new and she is realizing that she is growing up now. We told Guy (Lotje’s father) and the three of us went for a walk in the park, had coffee and ate apple pie . Then we stopped at the drugstore and looked for sanitary pads that are good for a young girl. Now back home I realize how lucky we are that it is a special day, not something that will stop her to develop herself. No shame or hiding from the world.

It was your movie that made me feel that.