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Screening at Nanyang Girls High

Screening at Nanyang Girls High

We screened Menstrual Man for student leaders at Nanyang Girls High, Singapore, earlier in the week. We weren’t sure what to expect, it being our first all-girls screening, and one for all-teenagers to boot.

Would the kids be uncomfortable with the film’s subject matter and it’s male central character? Could affluent Singapore kids empathise with problems in rural India, or would their response be limited to general interest and fleeting sympathy?

Our fears were unwarranted. They seemed to thoroughly enjoy the film, and the post-screening Q&A was all kinds of awesome. In an all-girls setting, the questions were more female-centric and, given their age, fuelled by optimism.

My thanks to Natalie and other teachers at NGH for making the incredible afternoon possible.

Post screening Q&A