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Watch the film

Stream the full film for $3.99. Click ‘play’ on the top right corner to get started. (NOTE: Streaming won’t work on Android and Windows Phone devices. Sorry, it’s a Vimeo thing.)



Possible FAQs

Can I buy a DVD?
Sure you can! Well, not yet, but soon. Please join our mailing list (on the right column) and we’ll update you when we launch DVD sales.

How can I organize a screening in my community?
Write us at info [at] menstrualman [dot] com. Tell us what you have in mind. Audience size, venue, etc. Don’t worry. We always work something out. We’ve never lost an eager host!

I’m an educator. How can I screen the film for my students?
Academic screenings require PPR (Public Performance Rights). Email us to order your copy.

I heard it isn’t easy being indie documentary makers. How can I help?
Bless your lovely heart! If you like the film, just recommend it to your friends. Sounds like nothing, but all good things roll from there.